Jerky Products: More than Just the Health Benefits

Jerky Products: More than Just the Health Benefits

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If you are a meat lover, you might wonder if a jerky is a great addition to your food options. Just like other food products, versions of these products are not made equal and you have to make the right choice.

As a Source of Protein

During the preparation process, fat and moisture are removed from the meat. This makes jerky a good source of protein without having to take too much fat.

It is just essential to remember that these products are different in terms of calories, protein and fat per serving size. While some brand can be very lean red meat with low-fat content others can be rich in protein. Luckily, you can find low-carb and low-calorie versions of these meat products. That is why a lot of those who are on an Atkins Diet, take advantage of their quality to help them maintain their habit.

Common Additives

Jerky can also be available without MSG. A number of manufacturers make use of additives to preserve their meat’s flavor while others ensure their products are as natural as possible. Some of these preservatives include sodium nitrite and MSG. MSG is contained in the majority of soy sauces and works by improving the flavor in jerky products. This option is perfect for consumers who stick to a low-salt diet. Any food product that is less than 300 mg of sodium per serving is considered low. Remember though that salt is used to naturally preserve the meat, so it usually takes a role in the making.

Sodium nitrite can be added to the products to extend their shelf life and help in counteracting product discoloration. However, it helps in preventing bacteria. Serious jerky consumers don’t mind this substance as they continue to consume the products to fuel their body with the energy they need. The beef version of the products is considered the healthiest snack food in the market.

Shelf Life and Portability

Most of those who consume the products are not only after their benefits to health. In fact, they also want to take advantage of the portability and convenience that they provide. Being able to eat a nutrient-dense snack is one thing but having one with a longer shelf life is another. These products can be repackaged for later use once they have been opened. Things like oxygen absorbers and vacuum sealed packaging are things to consider when picking the perfect jerky.

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