How Effective Is Integrative Oncology? Find Here!

How Effective Is Integrative Oncology? Find Here!

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Dealing with health issues isn’t about the body alone. It is also about the mind and soul. That’s the crux of integrative medicine. For the uninitiated, integrated medicine uses a mix of traditional medicine with other alternative therapies, with the intention of offering care for the mind, spirit and body. The role of integrative medicine is getting bigger by the day, especially for conditions where treatments have a number of side effects. As the name indicates, integrative oncology is all about using integrative medicine for the treatment of cancer. With this kind of approach, doctors are concerned about treating the root cause of cancer, but also about offering a better life to the patient. Here’s what you must know about integrative oncology.

How does it work?

In case of integrative oncology, doctors treat each patient as a unique case. The idea is to offer a treatment that’s targeted towards cancer with a focus on enhancing the life that cancer patients live. Each program in integrative oncology is individualized. It should be noted that this form of treatment doesn’t want to conquer cancer, but is more about healing the patient. At the same time, integrative oncology doesn’t shun western medicine or the conventional treatments used for cancer. For example, if a patient needs chemotherapy, doctors practicing integrative oncology will also suggest treatments like acupuncture and meditation, so that patients can handle the effects better.

More on integrative oncology

The whole purpose of integrative oncology is to improve the condition of the patient, and for that, most patients have a close relationship with their respective doctors. The treatment plan is designed to ensure that the patient is capable of handling the effects of the treatment. Also, integrative oncology focuses on noninvasive means of healing cancer, when possible that is. Contrary to what many may believe, integrative oncology is not an experimental form of treatment, but it relies on treatment that’s based on evidence.

Overview of the treatment

With integrative oncology, doctors will consider all aspects of the patient’s life, including the environment that they live. They might be encouraged to introduce lifestyle changes, take up other therapies and change the way they manage their schedules. If you are suffering from cancer, visit an integrative oncology center, and the doctors will look at the reports and other aspects to come up with a treatment plan that’s decided after considering aspects like your complete wellbeing.

Experience of integrative oncology

Many integrative oncology centers require patients to stay back, often for as many as 12 weeks or more, while some encourage regular visits. You have to consider the means that are suggested to you and whether that seems viable. It should be noted that integrative oncology is no magic. It is more about healing, and every cancer patient heals at his/her own pace. With integrative oncology, you may need radiotherapy and chemo, but your doctor will try the best to avoid the same, and even if you are going for such treatments, they will reduce the pain and suffering that most patients need to endure.

Visit an integrative oncology to know more.

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