Get your Smile Back By Treating Through Implantation or Bridging

Get your Smile Back By Treating Through Implantation or Bridging

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A missing tooth can cause shifting of the surrounding teeth which can lead to misalignment of dental structure. A gap between two teeth can also cause trouble while chewing or talking. If food isn’t chewed properly, then it can cause various health issues including indigestion. This is one reason why dentists recommend that all teeth should be in proper alignment. Even if a single tooth is lost, the gap should be covered up as soon as possible, otherwise it can result to loss of extra teeth.

There are two procedures through which you can replace missing teeth –

  • dental implant
  • dental bridge

Dental implant

It is a procedure in which an incision is made on the skin where your tooth is missing. Then a screw is inserted and the cut is closed with stitches. It take few days or may be months for the cut to heal and the  bones to grow cells to enclose screw, this screw metal is made of titanium which isn’t harmful to skin and there won’t be any kind of infection caused. Once the operated part is healed, then another surgery is done to make a gap for the crown with the help of a metal cap. This cap is left for few days so that the replacement teeth are adjusted properly.

Actually, dental implants can be done for one tooth or couple of teeth. It can be complete or partial denture that can be fixed with the help of implantation. You would never feel a difference between artificial and original teeth. Even while you take a bite of an apple there isn’t any fear of your denture coming out from their place. However, it is a costly procedure if you have to get many teeth replaced. Since the parts used in this surgery are of good quality metal, therefore even a single tooth surgery can cost large amount.

Dental bridge

It is a procedure in which a gap is bridged with the help of adjacent teeth that are trimmed to bring it to the level of the bridge. Then a crown is place on both adjacent teeth so that the empty gap can be filled with a replacement. In the first visit to your dentist, with the help of local anesthesia they will scrape your neighboring teeth to make some space for crown to fix in it. In the second visit, the bridge is fixed properly and adjusted. The measurement for your bridge is taken during the first visit.

It is a quick process and costs less money. However, while making space for bridge and capping, lot of stress is put on the neighboring teeth. This can cause short life of the bridging structure and there can be frequent visits to dentist. Since the bridge isn’t independently working, but is attached to tooth therefore, it can put lot of pressure on your jawbone.

In both cases, people get a replacement, but they have their own consequences. To know the right method for your denture, it is wise to seek help from your dentist. Even if you’re in miserable condition, your dentists will always have a smooth solution to it.

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