Factors you should consider when choosing the right hair fall treatment

Factors you should consider when choosing the right hair fall treatment

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Our Hairstyle can often be something that defines us, it could be our signature of recognition. Lush healthy hair is considered a benchmark when it comes to standards of beauty among both men and women. Hair fall can prove to be embarrassing and frustrating. You would leave hair on your pillow, on your towels and wherever you go. Hair fall, when not controlled, can eventually lead to bald patches even in our 20’s causing us to lose our sense of self-confidence. Hair fall can be triggered due to a variety of reasons including vitamin or nutritional deficiency, Genetics, and exposure to harmful components. There is a variety of remedies and medications to choose from when it comes to hair fall treatment.

So what are some factors to look out for when choosing the right hair fall treatment?

  • Your treatment should help you prevent further hair fall: Once you are affected by hair fall, the severity tends to amplify over time causing the situation to worsen at a whole. This is why you should first focus on preventing further hair fall before trying to get it to a halt and proceeding to regrow lost hair. If you are adopting a home remedy approach to treating your hair-fall, hot oil massages and applying beetroot juice, onion juice or green tea juice to the scalp can prevent further hair fall.
  • Your Treatment must focus on all-inclusive healing: Hair fall is triggered by both internal and external factors. Applying ointments topically or popping heavy doses of pills is not enough. Make sure your doctor prescribes a hair friendly diet to help you speed up your recovery process. Consuming healthy amounts of Vitamin C, D, B, A and minerals such as zinc and iron in your daily diet would help your body provide strength and fortitude to your scalp and hair from within. In addition, some doctors also prescribe yoga and meditation to help the patient manage stress levels and aid in reversing hair loss.
  • Your Treatment should help you regrow lost hair: Months and years of persistent hair fall may eventually cause you to develop bald patches. After your hair fall problem is contained and treated, the next step should focus on re-growing lost hair. Your doctor may prescribe hair therapy, a homeopathic alternative, or any other medication to help you recover lost hair.
  • Safe and Affordable: The treatment pattern should always be safe and there should be no side effects of the medicines and therapies. Homeopathy, therefore, is one of the safest options that are recommended by the specialists as a secured and affordable treatment alternative.


There has been a great reform and development in the ways of treatment when it comes to hair loss but homeopathy has definitely been of great help to the patients and clients. At Dr. Batra’s, we have successfully treated a plethora of patients who have been suffering from the problem but have experienced a great positive change in their condition after taking the homeopathic treatment from Dr. Batra’s.

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