Effects of exercise on a pregnant woman’s hair

Effects of exercise on a pregnant woman’s hair

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It is a widely known fact that a healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body and that having a healthy body demands a person’s effort in the form of physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

There are so many people around us who suffer the problem of hair thinning and loss and for many of them, the main cause of hair loss is the lack of exercise and diet so it is an established fact that our physical activity affects not only the health of the body but also the hair of the person.

Pregnant women undergo a lot of hormonal changes and hence, it becomes imperative for them to strictly maintain their on both physical and mental grounds and hence, physical activity is something that can never be overlooked. There are a lot of misconceptions on this subject primarily because it was believed for long that a pregnant woman should take intensive care and avoid any form of physical activity as it may adversely affect the child inside her womb.

There are several physical activities that a pregnant woman should do to conceive a healthy child. Few of such exercises and forms of workout are as follows:

  1. Cycling (Stationary)
  2. Certain Yoga
  3. Pranayama
  4. Mild Aerobics
  5. Brisk Walking

The benefits of mild exercises for a pregnant woman are immense, few of such benefits are as follows:

  1. Better Sleep
  2. Improved and Better Mood
  3. Active Body
  4. Improved Blood Circulation
  5. Improved cardiovascular and enhanced muscular strength
  6. Reduced Constipation and Swelling
  7. Lower back Pain Problems
  8. Healthy Kids

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, continuous mild workout also help in keeping the hormones at the desired level and that helps in avoiding certain side-effects including the thinning and falling of the hair.

There have been several incidents where we get to see the hormonal imbalance in women during their pregnancy and this often leads to side effects that have to be taken care of by a Doctor. It is true that hair thinning or hair loss during the pregnancy is a temporary problem and the situation comes back to the normal state once the hormones balances themselves but the issue can be significantly avoided if the proper care is given to the would-be mother including the regular workouts and healthy diet.

Doctor’s advice should be taken before any physical activity and the woman should completely follow the diet chart too to have a healthy baby.

Lifting heavy weights and doing heavy workouts should be completely avoided as it may lead to complications in the delivery procedure.

Even if a patient suffers from any temporary hair loss, there is no need to worry as several types of hair loss solutions are now available including the allopathic and homeopathy medicines for hair loss.

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