Do You Want to Restore Your Smile?

Do You Want to Restore Your Smile?

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Mary gazed at a photo of herself as a teen – beautiful even white teeth and eyes and smiling eyes. Now, she wears glasses and her teeth do not dazzle others as they once did. Time has faded her once glistening smile, and some teeth are missing.

Improving the “Anchor” for the Implants

She would like to revive her smile so that she feels less self-conscious. Because periodontists are experts at preserving gums and teeth, she thought she would seek advice about implantology from a periodontal specialist. By going to a dentist that offers both periodontal and implants services, Mary can take care of her gum health while filling in some of the voids in her smile.

A Great Way to Boost Your Smile Power

If you are like Mary and would like to smile with confidence, you owe it to yourself to find out more about dental implants in Canberra. By taking this stance, you can regain the smile you have lost and enjoy life more as well. People who have had implants placed report that they are really glad that they opted for the treatment. They can go out to a restaurant and not worry about what to order, as implants provide a solid base for any dental restoration.

What Restorations Are Used with Implants

An implant or artificial root can be inserted in the jaw to hold a bridge, dentures, or caps. When you can have the implants added, you can improve your smile aesthetically as well as functionally. You should not feel self-conscious about smiling or about eating in public. That is why dental implantology today offers a healthy solution in terms of dental functionality and appearance.

Fusing in the Jaw Bone

Some people have implants placed, so they can have dentures installed – dentures that are fixed and more permanent. In fact, most restorations will last a long time if you chose to add implants. After they are inserted, implants take about six months to heal, or fuse to the bone in the jaw.

A Popular Dental Choice for All Ages

Once the implants have been inserted, you can go ahead and have, for instance, a bridge added to cover gaps in the smile or caps applied. Caps are great additions if you have some random spaces that need filling or need a root canal. Whatever your need for a restoration, you can have the work completed without difficulty. That is why implants are a popular choice for anyone of any age.

How to Make a Major Difference in Your Life

Regardless of your reason for restoring your smile, you can obtain a permanent solution. That is why you need to discover how this form of dental treatment can make a big difference in your life. Whether you need to revive your smile for social or professional reasons, you will find that the science of implantology can help you achieve the results you expect. Learn more today about this form of dental treatment. Doing so will give you an additional reason to smile. Just visit a site online to get the details and set an appointment for a consultation.

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