A Quick Overview of Herbal Tobacco Substitutes: Quit Nicotine Today!

A Quick Overview of Herbal Tobacco Substitutes: Quit Nicotine Today!

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Tobacco is bad for you – period. Despite all those warnings and posts being written about health risks, the sale of most tobacco products is on the rise, and brands are making insane amounts of money. However, a growing percentage of people are also looking for alternatives to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. That’s exactly where herbal tobacco substitutes come in the picture.

For the uninitiated, herbal tobacco substitutes are directed or designed for people who are trying to quit tobacco for good. These products do contain tobacco, but promise to help the user in weaning off from nicotine in the long run. This brings us to the question – Are herbal tobacco substitutes effective? Here’s a take on some of the things worth knowing.

The effectiveness of herbal tobacco substitutes

Some of the best products in the market, such as https://elicitherbalchew.com/, offer the choice to have nicotine in smaller doses. So, the content of nicotine in such products is lower than what you would find in a standard can of chewing tobacco. Some of these are just chews, so you replace your chewing tobacco with these chews, which do contain nicotine, but in much lower strengths. As soon as you get used to the new experience, you can move on to a product that contains even lower amount of nicotine, and eventually, you can come to a product that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all.

Are these products safe?

In all fairness, herbal tobacco substitutes do contain nicotine, so these are usually not advised for users who are below 21 years of age. The concerns with nicotine are still here, which is why many experts still don’t recommend these, but if you check the use of these herbal tobacco substitutes from the point of view of regular nicotine users, these are still safer and better choices. If you are trying to get rid of nicotine, herbal chews in particular can be really handy, but it is still a good idea to talk to your physician first.

Also, before you buy any herbal tobacco substitute, makes sure to check a few things, such as the flavor of the product and strength of nicotine. You may also want to find more if the product has been rated safe and the kind for formulation it has. The top products in this category are those that don’t try to imitate the effects of nicotine, but create an experience that’s similar and tricks the mind.

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