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Fatigue and Sjogren’s syndrome

Fatigue is without a doubt one of the most common and disabling symptoms in people with Sjogren’s syndrome. This observation was well documented in a quality of life survey conducted five years ago by Dr. Evelyn Bromet, epidemiologist ...
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Addiction is a disease and not a habit that you can quit any day. Most people do not realize this fact which is one of the reasons why the success rate for addiction treatment is at 20 to ...
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Mental health has challenged every individual in this smart era. We are all so engrossed into our sedentary lifestyles, emotional problems, anxiety and depression that it shows on our moods, habits and behavior. And the way that it ...
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21st Century has outlined some of the toughest health challenges for people. It is increasingly being difficult for people to coping up with their health issues, busy schedules, mental health, emotional well being and more. And the most ...
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Do you feel sleep deprived or are suffering from any mental agony or depression due to increased work pressure or complex lifestyle? Unlock the secret to your rejuvenation with a daily dose of phenibut HCL Powder. The increased ...
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