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What is Premenstrual Syndrome? Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that start anywhere from a few days to two weeks before a woman gets her menstruation. A woman’s menstrual cycle lasts an average ...
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Earlier it was women who enjoyed right to equality in terms of payment or in terms of getting a job through reservation. Also, there are situations where women are grabbing the opportunities to work on best projects at ...
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Neck pain may appear as dull ache and gets worsen with movement of neck or head. It results from disorders of structures in neck mainly cervical vertebrae and intervertebral discs, nerves and muscles. Neck pain or stiffness can ...
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Many people are unaware of probiotics and acidophilus tablets benefits that are offered with consistent dosage. Well, probiotics are good bacteria that are useful for various health processes in our body. Probiotic bacteria are mostly located in the ...
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Tobacco is bad for you – period. Despite all those warnings and posts being written about health risks, the sale of most tobacco products is on the rise, and brands are making insane amounts of money. However, a ...
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Dealing with health issues isn’t about the body alone. It is also about the mind and soul. That’s the crux of integrative medicine. For the uninitiated, integrated medicine uses a mix of traditional medicine with other alternative therapies, ...
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