11 Beauty Tips Shared By the Experts

11 Beauty Tips Shared By the Experts

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It’s true. Makeup is the most preferred way when it comes to hiding your flaws on your skin. While these cosmetics may harm your skin if you don’t take proper care, but there also exist the tricks of the trade adopted by the experts, about which you should be acquainted with. Read the full article about the tips shared by the gurus of beauty experts and you’re welcome!

  1. Dry your nails faster.

If you don’t have time to dry your painted nails, dunk them in ice cold water to dry them faster.

  1. To avoid messing painting up your nails, coat up your cuticles.

Rub olive oil around your mail before painting them. It helps in removing the paint later easily and it doesn’t even create a mess while you paint them.

  1. Hide your nail chips with a textured polish

When you get a nail chip while manicuring, try using a textured or glitter polish over it, instead of removing the entire paint.

  1. For a matte look on your nails, steam them.

This is a legendary tip. If you want your nails to go matte instead of glossy, apply two coats of polish on your nails, and stem them. Or if you don’t have steam, and you are in a mood to cook soup or boil pasta, do the same as mentioned above.

  1. Topcoat your decals

If you love putting nail stickers, make sure you clear topcoat them after you put them on. This will make sure they stick well to it and doesn’t fall off.

  1. Add a glow to your foundation by applying face oil.

Instead of double layering up your face before the happy hour, considering applying face oil, to make it look even.

  1. Dot your eyes

Does your hand shake when you apply liquid eyeliner? This tip will help you put a perfect liquid eyeliner in no time. Use the broader side of the tip, instead of using the pointed one. Press it onto the lash line. In three to four stamps, you will draw a straight line in no time!

  1. Chill your eye pencils.

If your eye and lip pencils are soft, consider chilling them in your fridge for at least an hour before you sharpen them. The less soft they are, the better.

  1. Give your blush a swirl

Spin your airbrush in small light circles, right from the cheekbones to your hairline. It leaves quite a stunning airbrush look.

  1. Remove makeup with the help of coconut oil

Instead of spending money on makeup removers, consider removing makeup with the help of coconut oil. It also keeps your skin softer.

  1. Major volume your eyelashes by using a card.

Place a business card or an index card behind your lashes before applying mascara. Begin from the roots, apply the mascara all the way to the tip. It doesn’t even create a mess on your eyelids anymore. It also adds to the volume of your eyelashes.

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