Three Forms of Marijuana that Users can Choose From

Three Forms of Marijuana that Users can Choose From

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As you visit a marijuana dispensary, you will know the marijuana buds are not the only options you can have. The dispensary can provide with hundreds of marijuana products that claim to have the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Below are the main kinds of marijuana products that their relative potency.

Marijuana Edibles

These are food items infused with marijuana. They can range from baked goods to suckers and beverages. In general, this method of consuming marijuana takes around one hour to kick in and every product has a different amount of THC within it. THC is the psychoactive chemical every user is looking for. Those who are looking to buy edibles in colorado should ask the dispensary’s budtender for recommendations that suit their needs best. Edibles tend to have a more relaxing and pain-relieving high which will usually rock users to sleep.

Marijuana Buds

This is the primary form of marijuana. It refers to the flower of a mature female marijuana plant harvested when ripe with THC filled tricones. People often use this marijuana because it is easy to use and transport. Generally, the smell of marijuana flower or bud is quite strong and provides the product a skunk smell. The amount of THC contained in this form of marijuana ranges from 5 percent to 25 percent. The factors that decide the strength of a certain bud depends on the strain and how the marijuana plant is grown. New smokers require a high that is less intense. This makes marijuana buds suitable for them.

Marijuana Concentrates

This form of marijuana comes in oil or wax. Users can consume this by heating up a piece of glass, usually using a handheld torch until it’s red hot. Once this state is achieved, the wax or oil is passed to the glass where it vaporizes and users inhale it. Such a process is called dabbing. Users can find various kinds of concentrates and which depends on how they are extracted or made.

Marijuana concentrates contain a high amount of THC and is not recommended for those who are just starting to use cannabis. The THC content ranges from 80% to 90%. A single dab of this form of marijuana is like taking a bowl of marijuana bud. But, these concentrates are cleaner, produce faster results, and are less harsh. Users will need to use special types of lighters and glass to smoke marijuana oil or was.

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