Seven Natural Ways to Reduce Your Back Pain

Seven Natural Ways to Reduce Your Back Pain

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Back pain reliefs can come in various forms and don’t usually require a doctor’s prescription. Sometimes, it takes just augmenting medications and traditional medical treatments with some measures. Depending on how serious your chronic back pain is its cause, the following are natural solutions to your pain:

Heat Therapy

Back pains that tend to be intense in the morning can be relieved by putting a heating pad under the area of the back the pain is felt. Heat tends to warm up the muscles and relieves stiffness. This helps in preventing muscle spasms when you move and promotes proper blood flow to the affected area.

Comfortable Sleep Position

Back pain can make it uneasy for you sleep at night. If this sounds like your situation, try to experiment with various sleep positions. Consider sleeping in a reclining position because this can help in minimizing low back stress. If this position does not work for you, think about lying on an adjustable bed. This kind of bed can be rented from a medical supply company if you want to test if this is a comfortable option.

Regular Massage

Getting regular massage can help with blood circulation, stress management, muscle relaxation, and endorphin boost, which is the pain the body produces naturally. You can visit a massage clinic or request a home service. Studies suggest that aside from making you feel good, massage also helps in reducing back pain.

Hot Bath

A hot bath can have soothing effects to ease body pains and aches. It allows your muscles to relax enough to let them stretch. Although a bath is relaxing, a number of people can have a problem sleeping after the bath. If you are one of them, think about taking your bath 2-3 hours before you go to bed. To get the most relaxation, use a bath cushion to give your back some support while you take your bath.


Although it sounds contradicting, performing certain exercises can help in relieving back pain. Just approach a licensed physical therapist to help you with this. They will create a specific exercise that suits your situation.

Laughter Yoga

Laughing can be the last thing you can do when you are in pain. But, did you know that laughter can minimize stress, increase oxygen intake, and encourage endorphin production? This means that laughing can help in decreasing your pain naturally. Fortunately, you don’t have to laugh purposely just to enjoy this benefit. Laughter yoga programs are available to help people in pain by encouraging laughter. This works by combining deep breathing yoga exercises with laughter exercises.

Water Therapy Exercises

Water’s buoyancy allows you to enjoy the exercise without too much pain. In case you want to do these exercises in warmer pools, check out water exercise courses and hydrotherapy pools. These exercises are usually carried out in water which is around 83-88 degrees. Temperatures in hydrotherapy pools are usually over 90 degrees.

If your pain is chronic enough that cannot be relieved by any natural means, consider regenerative stem cell therapy. Relieve of chronic pain gets to the root cause of the pain and let the treatment work from there.

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