Don’t miss this quick overview of injectable wrinkle fillers!

Don’t miss this quick overview of injectable wrinkle fillers!

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Aging is a continuous process. The first signs of aging become visible by the age of 30, while deep lines and wrinkles are more common in mid-30s and 40s. Thanks to cosmetic medicine, wrinkles can be treated, and there are a bunch of choices – think of Botox, injectable wrinkle fillers, and facelift. In this post, we will talk about injectable wrinkle fillers in detail with aspects you need to know.

The basics

If consider the cost of injectable wrinkle fillers, it is much less than what one would otherwise pay for a facelift. As the name suggests, fillers fill up the wrinkles, lines and hollows of the face, and the result is almost instant and can last for as long as one year. Botox injections are in this category, as well, but injectable wrinkle fillers also refer to the volumizers, which kind of helps in creating that plumping effect.

About hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers

Most wrinkle fillers work in a similar way but can have varying results. Today, hyaluronic acid is the most popular wrinkle filler available in the market. A few studies have revealed that injecting hyaluronic acid actually may help in production of collagen naturally in the body, which will reduce the lines and wrinkles considerably. Some evidence also shows that the amount of hyaluronic acid filler required also reduces with continuous treatment. As far as side effects are concerned, most patients complain of redness, bruising and swelling at the site, which ideally reduces over a period of time. Known hyaluronic acid filler brands include Juvederm, HylaForm and Belotero Balance.

What else to know?

Small bumps can form under the skin after using wrinkle fillers, which is considered to be one of the side effects. With that said, the clinic you choose for the treatment also makes a difference. Keep in mind that under the expertise of an acides hyaluroniques medecin injecteur, the side effects of wrinkle fillers can be reduced considerably. Also, the right doctor can actually advise on whether Botox or wrinkle fillers should be the ideal choice for your wrinkles, because all signs of aging cannot be treated with the same treatment.

Ask about the costs, consider the side effects and benefits and decide on whether wrinkle fillers are the ideal choice for you. The option can used for almost anyone over 30 and with visible signs of aging. The cost is not covered under insurance, as this is a cosmetic treatment.

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