Are You a Young Cricket Bowler with Lower Back Pain? Don’t Take It Lightly

Are You a Young Cricket Bowler with Lower Back Pain? Don’t Take It Lightly

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Last year, Aussie cricket fans were walloped by the news that the fast bowler James Pattinson has been ruled out of the rest of the Ashes cricket series with a stress fracture in his lower back.

In Cricket, fast bowling is the most injury prone discipline and has been reported that a force of 8-10 times body weight is transmitted through the body in the bowling action. This force, when combined with an extreme lumbar range of movement, puts the lumbar spine at the risk of injury. The most widespread overuse injury in younger fast bowlers is lumbar stress fractures or spondylolysis.

Various studies also suggest that bowlers with a significant difference in muscle bulk and strength between sides for extended periods may be at increased stress fracture risk. Your physio in Perth can assess and treat the pain in the lower back.

Symptoms of Lower Back Injury

  • Pain on one side of the lower back
  • Pain that becomes worse when bowling
  • Pain with arching or rotating back

Causes for Lower Back Injury in Bowlers

Here we’ve listed a few reasons that are found to be the causes for lower back injury in fast bowlers.

  • Inadequate pre-season physical preparation
  • The rapid increase in training load
  • Problems in posture
  • Incorrect bowling technique
  • Length of bowling spells in matches
  • Lack of core strength

Why Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain in Cricketers?

Physiotherapy in Perth helps fast bowlers in cricket to prevent and minimise risks that cause lower back injury. A good physio creates effective strengthening and conditioning strategies and addresses muscular imbalances to help players to get back to their game quickly.

The physiotherapists in Perth take a detailed injury history and assess posture, joint, muscle and nervous system function.  They perform ligament and meniscal tests for knee injuries, or ligament function tests for shoulder injuries.  They work closely with the players to identify the risks factors and thoroughly analyse their bowling actions. Moreover, they design exercises that reduce stress on the lower back and enable the player to return to the sport in quickly and safely.

When bowlers suffer from lower back pain, they are given a rest from bowling for six weeks or more depending on the severity of the injury. This period is utilised best by the physiotherapists in protecting the fracture and providing pain relief. Any pre-existing muscle imbalances will be corrected, and the adjacent joints around the stress-fracture will be adequately mobilised. They help you in modifying bowling and running techniques to reduce stress in the lower back. These experts help in maintaining a healthy lower back while bowling by supplying you with exercises and recommendations that are specifically designed for you.

Looking for ways to minimise your risk of getting a stress fracture? Visit to talk to the right professionals.

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